Ministry of Corporate Affairs have come up with the Limited Liability Partnership (Second Amendment) Rules, 2018, wherein the Incorporation of New LLP will now be processed by Central Registration Centre (CRC) w.e.f 02nd October, 2018.


Under the New Process, following changes have been brought up by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

  1. New Form RUN-LLP (Reserve Unique Name-Limited Liability Partnership) shall replace Form-1 of LLP wherein the application for the Name of the LLP shall be processed.
  2. New Form FiLLip (Form for incorporation) shall replace Form 2 which shall be an integrated form offering following services:     Allotment of DIN (Director Identification Number) ; Reservation of Name ; Incorporation of LLP.
  3. New Form Addendum to FiLLip (Details of respect of designated partners and partners of Limited Liability Partnership) shall replace Addendum to Form 2.
  4. Designated Partners of the proposed new LLPs not having valid DPIN shall now be able to apply for the DPIN along with the Incorporation of the LLP in Form FiLLip.
  5. At present only 2 individuals shall be able to make an application for DPIN through new form FiLLip.
  6. Following forms shall also have some minor changes:Form 5 : Notice of Change of Name ; Form 17 : Application for conversion of Firm to LLP ; Form 18: Application for conversion of Pvt. Ltd. Co. or Unlisted Public Ltd. Co. to LLP.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation of LLP shall be issued by CRC in Form 16.

2018-09-20 10:13:59