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  • Drafting of Deed
  • Drafting of By-laws
  • Representation with the Registrar
  • Registration of the Deed
  • Grant of Certificate
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What is a society

A Society is an association of seven or more individuals who come together with the objective of doing some charitable activity. Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 established to register and govern the societies formed for literary, scientific and charitable purposes.

Purpose of Registration:
A society is registered for the fulfillment of objectives which may include the following:
  1. Promotion of Science
  2. Promotion of Literature
  3. Promotion of Fine Arts
  4. Grant of Charitable knowledge
  5. Social Welfare and Development
  6. Education
  7. Maintenance of Public Museums or libraries
  8. Promotions of Music
  9. Promotion of religion and culture
  10. Promotion of Sports
  11. Other social and charitable activities
How to create a society?
  • Step -1: Name of Society: - First basic step for the formation of a society is selection of a name of the same. While choosing the name of the Society following must be kept in mind:
    1. It should be unique
    2. It should not be similar or identical to the name already in existence
    3. The name should not show any kind of patronage by the Government of India
    4. It should not be under the restriction list of Emblems and Names Act, 1950
  • Step -2: Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation:- The MoA and Rules & Regulation must be prepared and signed by each of the member of the society and shall be witnessed by Notary Public, Oath Commissioner, Gazetted Officer, Advocate, Magistrate first class or Chartered Accountant with their official stamping and complete address
    The MoA must contain the following namely:
    1. Name of Society
    2. Object of Society
    3. Registered Office address of the Society
    4. The names, addresses, and occupations of the governors, council, directors, committee, or other governing body to whom, by the rules of the society, the management of its affairs is entrusted.
    5. And any other clause as may be required as per the society.
  • Step -3: Submission of Documents:- The Memorandum of Association along with Rules & Regulation shall be filed with the office of Registrar of Societies along with other documents and fees as may be prescribed.
  • Step -4: Registration Certificate:- After the verification of the documents, if the documents are found to be correct the Registrar shall grant the Certificate of Registration. The whole process take around 1-2 months of time period.
Documents Required:
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Rules & Regulations
  • A Covering letter
  • List of all the members
  • PAN Card copy of all the members
  • Address Proof of all the members
  • Proof of Registered office address of the society
  • A declaration by the president of the society as may be prescribed.