Udyog Aadhaar Registration

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  • Aadhar card of the entrepreneur
  • PAN Card of the entity
  • Certificate of Incorporation, MoA & AoA / LLP Agreement / Partnership Deed
  • PAN Card of the Directors / Partners / Proprietor
  • Bank Account details of the entity
  • Major Activity
  • No of persons employed
  • Investment in Plant & Machinery/Equipments
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MSME Stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. For the development of the economy, Government of India supports and promotes such enterprises by providing various schemes, subsidies, and incentives, such as ease in sanction of Bank Loans, low rate of Interest, certain exemptions under Direct Tax laws and some other.

Though such registration is not mandatory under any Act, however, it is always recommended to get such registration to avail the benefits provided to the such enterprises under the MSME Act.

Banking Benefits :
  1. Cheaper Bank Loans
  2. Low Interest Rate
  3. Protection against delayed payments
Tax Benefits:
  1. Such enterprises enjoy various Direct Tax exemptions from the government
Benefits from Government:
  1. Access to tenders
  2. Special schemes available
  3. Subsidies on Power
  4. Other Subsidies and incentive
  5. Credit guarantee schemes

All manufacturing enterprises investing less than 10 crores and Service enterprises investing less than 5 crores are allowed to register as MSME under following types:

Small Enterprise
  1. Manufaturing Sector :
    < 25 Lacs > 5 Crores
  2. Service Sector :
    < 10 Lacs > 2 Crores
Medium Enterprise
  1. Manufaturing Sector :
    < 5 crores > 10 Crores
  2. Service Sector :
    < 2 crores > 5 Crores
  • Step 1: Information gathering :- Provide documents listed above for the purpose of registration.
  • Step 2: Application processing :- We will verify the documents and will apply for the MSME registration .
  • Step 3: Registration Certificate :- On the approval of the application certificate is generated online which shall be send to you via E-Mail.