Credit - Monitoring Arrangment (CMA) Report

  • Understanding of the Business and Requirements with the Management
  • Preparation of the Report
  • Finalization of the Report
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Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) Data is an analysis of the current and future projected and estimated financials of the company to discover the financial strength of the business of the company required by the Banks and Financial Institutions to help them to take an effective decision at the time of providing loans to the applicant company. It is a systematic analysis of working capital management of a borrower and objective of this statement is to ensure the usage of long term and short term funds have been used for the given purpose.

Be it any type of Loan viz. Term Loan, Working capital loan, Mortgaged loan, Bank Overdraft facility, or any other, CMA Data is always required to be submitted with the Bank at the time of availing the loans, as it is one of the major report on the basis of which a Loan is sanctioned by the Banks/Financial Institutions. through the expert professionals can help you in preparing the CMA data as per your case.