Collateral Free Loan

  • Understanding of the Business and Requirements with the Management
  • Preparation of Business Plan
  • Finalization of Plan Report
  • Assistance in Documentation
  • Assistance in the approvals of loans
  • Representation with the Banks / Financial Institutions.
  • Assistance in Statutory Compliances
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Collateral is basically an asset which you mortgage against which an person takes loan, which in the event of default in the re-payment of the loan is taken into possession by the lender to make good the default and recover its loan.

Collateral Free Loans are those loans which are available without mortgaging any property or an asset to avail the loan from the lender. Such loans are unsecured loans and as such they possess high rate of interest.

These loans are provided to MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium enterprises) under various Government schemes to encourage the small business in India.

Easethebiz can help you in preparing the project reports to be submitted with banks for applying such collateral free loans and obtain sanctioning of such collateral free loans to small business and MSMEs.