Design Registration

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  • Filling of Application with Registrar
  • Assistance in publication and verification
  • Follow-up process
  • Grant of Certificate
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A Design is a form of an Intellectual Property Right governed by The Designs Act, 2000 in India, that grants the protection to newly designs. Design here refers to a

  • Aesthetic aspects or Outward Appearance that is applied to a product.
    1. Two Dimensional viz. patterns, lines, compositions colors
    2. Three Dimensional viz. Shape,
    3. Or combination of both.
  • created through any industrial process or means
    1. Whether Manual
    2. Mechanical or Chemical
    3. Separate or Combined
  • Which in the finished form appeal to are judged solely by an eye.
  • legal Protection to original design against infringement
  • Creates Goodwill in the market and among the customers
  • Right to use it as an asset and can be licensed
  • Protects the design from duplication
  • Valid for 15 Years

Any person claiming to be the owner of the design can apply for Design registration. A design is capable of being registered only if it is new or original. The person can be an individual, company, NGO or any other entity.

An owner may be:
  1. An author of design
  2. A person who has acquired the design
  3. A person for whom the design has been developed by the author, or
  4. A person on whom the design has devolved